Leadership Academy

Application Deadline: July 26, 2021.

For an applicant to be considered for review, all of the following application components must be completed by the application deadline.


Background Information

Applicants will be asked to provide general information about themselves and their supporting organizations.

Professional + Learning Experience

Applicants will be asked to describe their professional background, including learning and/or educational experiences that have contributed to their leadership development.


Applicants are required to obtain a letter of reference from their direct supervisor or the CEO of their organization (CEO applicants should ask a board member to provide a reference letter).

We strongly suggest approaching this individual early in the process to ensure the reference is submitted prior to the application deadline.

Memorandum of Understanding

The applicant MOU provides the basis for a common understanding between the applicant and LeadingAge about eligibility criteria and participation expectations. The applicant MOU must be submitted prior to the application deadline.

Please Note: An employer signed MOU is also required prior to participation in the program.

Personal Essays

We recommend applicants draft each of the following three essays in advance and then copy and paste the text directly into the application.

Leadership Capacity
Describe the capacities that you possess that make you an effective leader and the specific ways you have utilized these attributes, professionally and personally. Please refer to a significant professional achievement, your role in attaining that achievement and the impact it had on your organization.

Transformational Leadership
Describe the perspective and knowledge you hope to acquire because of your participation in the Leadership Academy and how these insights will enable you to become a transformational leader.

Aging Services
Describe your personal commitment to aging services, share your journey into the field and illustrate your vision for the future of aging services.